• The LMP1500 was deployed during September 2008
  • New drill rig, Kores KME-600, was introduced in October 2008
  • Reinforcing the existing fleet in the scout drilling program for this particular sector     [Drilling was carried out using NQ-type (48 mm core) double tube core barrel with wire     line system].
  • The Bentonite mud and Guar gum was used as drilling fluid to stabilize borehole side
        walls as well as to lift fine rock cuttings from borehole.


  • The Geologist logged the borehole core run wise to capture the various geological     features
  • The run wise logs formed the base for delineating various litho logical units and to     generate coal samples.
  • Within the softer coal and carbonaceous mudstone and siltstone zones regular      occurrences of slickenside structures were observed and captured.


  • Run-wise logging of coal seam as per the format was carried out.
  • Litho-depth control for the samples (recovery and extrapolated thickness considered) was maintained.
  • Splitting of the sample run done at 1.00m of the sample
  • If required, a graphical plot was made for easy understanding.
  • As far as possible, only coal was sampled.
  • In some cases coal and mudstone bands were sampled together when the mudstone     was thinner than 500 mm.
  • Mudstone partings thicker than 500 mm were not sampled and an average raw quality     value was assigned to each of these mudstone samples for modeling purposes.
  • For wash ability, the yields were given 0% values and the other qualities were eliminated
        during the weighted average compositing of he samples.